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Blog Marketing

Blogs are one of the best options available to obtain quality targeted visitor traffic and increased search ranking. The odds are that you won’t get instant success with your blogs days after launching them which is okay and expected. Marketing a blog is much the same – instant success may not be realized, but if you continue to use reliable marketing methods then in time there will be a worthwhile [...]

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Website Value Calculator Get the Estimation

The online business has indeed reached global heights. We all realize the importance of having an online site. Basically, websites are designed or presented to talk about certain product or service. It is explicitly designed to give any web-user all the essential information he is searching for. Many a times, websites include their links to other websites. This enhances websites value, because the [...]

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Leveraging Your SEO Business Blog

Does your business blog always need to be strictly about your business? There are some who believe that it is a hard and fast truth that business blogs should never deviate from strictly presenting content about the products or services a business sells. Others take an approach that a little variety is okay for your business – even a good thing you should strive for. While variety is good, there [...]

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Using Keyworded Ads to Boost your SEO Power With CPM

When you begin advertising your website online, you will be dealing with one of the major search engine companies and their specialized ad targeted programs. You will be paying for each time your advertisement is clicked on or shown, depending on what plan you have. The most plans  involve purchasing specific keywords that you wish your ad to appear in response to. If you want to market a specific [...]

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Business Facebook Pages VS Personal Facebook Profiles

A dilemma many business owners face at some point or another is whether or not to morph their personal Facebook page into a business page. Even if someone wanted to do that, the question as to how to go about transferring a personal Facebook page into a business Facebook page is still looming over everything. Sometimes, when your personal Facebook page has grown to the point that it is no longer a [...]

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Importance of Xhtml and HTML

Although XML validation is by no means a mandatory requirement for search engine optimization, sites that are XHTML compliant have certain advantages over sites that are not XHTML compliant. To understand the importance of XHTML compliance it is important to first understand what is XHTML? XHTML was designed to act as an improvement over HTML, with devices other than computers accessing the internet, [...]

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Pagerank and SERP Position

some of us get confused with Pagerank and SERP position. We are not sure whether we need to have good pagerank for good SERP or whether pagerank is still important. We need to have a clear understanding of these two concepts whether we hire a company to optimize our website or we do it ourselves. Only when we know what pagerank and SERP position mean we will know what we are paying for when we hire [...]

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