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Changes You Need to Know About Google and Bing

There have been a whole lot of announcements from the major search engines this week, that all webmasters should be aware of – especially from Google, because while its market share may have slipped slightly (while Bing-powered search has grown a bit), it’s still by far the most used search engine.   Cutts on Why Your PageRank Would Drop While not exactly an announcement, Google’s head [...]

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What Does “Don’t Be Evil” Mean?

Sometimes, with hard work and plenty of sweat equity,  you finally manage to fight and claw your way up to the top of the SERPs. As you stand back and proudly gaze upon your hard work your smile disappears when you see an upstart with an apparently absent conscience has undone it all. What do you do when some website owner decides to play dirty and ruins the time, energy and sometimes even money that [...]

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