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Content Reigns Supreme, post Hummingbird

Time and again Google algorithms have proved that whatever changes, the supremacy of the Content will never diminish. Content has always been the ruling factor in SEO. Hummingbird algorithm caused a lot of flurry. Speculation of even the death of SEO took rounds. But in all this too, what stood out was the importance of Content. Hummingbird emphasized the stress on long tailed keywords. Its more like [...]

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Another web spam comes to light

The startling revelation of the Gawker story brought to light that SEO firms are still resorting to malpractices like bribing bloggers. Google head of web spam, Matt Cutts responded on it affirming that Google is aware of such practices and has been coming down heavily on dozens of spammy sites and bloggers. What is the whole issue about? Let us look at this practice of offering money to bloggers. [...]

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How to Post Live Blogs on Tumblr

The Internet has made real-time communication all the more interesting. No matter where you are, you can still connect with the world and tell them what you are doing. Blogs help you achieve this easily. Live blogging, a new trend, gets instant information. Though most people use them to keep a record of events, they are also a popular way of displaying your creative commentary skills. Tumblr provides [...]

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It Is Time To Make Your Website An Authority Site

One of the things most webmasters look for when there are engaging in link building campaigns is to look for authority sites to get your links. Back links from authority sites have a great value in boosting your website’s ranking so you hunt for such sites and try to acquire back links. Has it ever occurred to you strongly that you should make your website as an authority site? Why should you always [...]

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How Do Website Develop Bad Backlink Profile And How To Restore Your Profile

Do you have a very impressive website that you would like to promote online and in your enthusiasm have you done things that tarnished your website’s reputation and your online profile? You are not alone, there are thousands of websites out there, which suffer the same problem. One of the problem areas here is bad backlink profile. What is bad Backlink profile and how to restore your bad backlink [...]

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Google Penguin Update and the Over-Optimization Penalty

Google’s latest algorithm update, the Penguin, targets webspam tactics and very specific over-optimization strategies that websites have used to increase their rankings.  At the heart of this update is Google’s continuing insistence that websites provide value to search customers.  If your site has benefited from high rankings but has low value content, you have probably already been hit with [...]

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Email Marketing – Is It Spam

Is Email Marketing spam by another name or a great marketing opportunity that you should be engaged in? Is there any situation where using email marketing is acceptable? Or is it a dying way to connect with would be customers that is no longer cost-efficient and relaiable? Email marketing drifts in and out of favor with web based companies, but has become increasingly popular of late for getting the [...]

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Manual Web Spam Action From Google

Do you know that Google frequently takes manual action against web spam? Not many people are aware that Google uses manual web spam control methods too. While it is true that most of the action against web spam is based on automated algorithmic processes, there are many instances that Google has taken manual action on websites. This is not just a mere assumption but Google has stated this clearly in [...]

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Have You Checked Your Website’s Security Lately?

What is having a website all about behind the scenes? Having a website is not all about SEO, traffic, linking, content and conversions. You have to be aware of how safe your site is for the people who visit it and also how secure our own information is. If you can’t provide a safe space on the web, you can’t expect to do much business. Website security is not directly linked to SEO, but it can [...]

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Hack Alert!

Have you been hacked? Is there malware on your site that you may not even be aware of that is decreasing your ability to convert and potentially putting you and your customers information at risk? Hopefully, you are safe, but hacking is an activity that occurs everyday and hackers are skilled at hiding what they do. You need to monitor your site for malware not only to protect yourself and customers, [...]

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