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How to SEO WordPress – 15 Ways to Do It

There are plenty of boxed website options for business owners. A perennial favorite is WordPress which has been around for nearly a decade.  Originally conceived as a tool for blogging, this content management system is now seen as a one-stop-shop for website owners who have an eye on search engine optimization (SEO). The beauty of WordPress is that, in many respects, it comes optimized for search [...]

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SEO TIPS: RSS Feeds and How to Use Them

The best technique is to implement RSS feeds for popular search phrases. If you add an RSS feed displaying top search engine results for targeted keywords, you may be able to boost your site a few steps up the ranks by piggybacking on the SEO value of those feeds. Major search engines like Google, Bing and yes, even Yahoo offer RSS feeds that can be easily tacked to your website with little effort [...]

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SEO and RSS: Suggestions for Marketing Strategies

RSS used to be associated solely with professional news outlets as a way to syndicate news articles.  Now RSS is used more broadly for virtually any type of web feed that publishes updates on a regular basis.  This makes RSS feeds ideal for blogs, video features, and even audio reports.  You can reach a wider audience quickly and automatically.  For this reason, RSS feeds are being used more frequently [...]

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Pagerank and SERP Position

some of us get confused with Pagerank and SERP position. We are not sure whether we need to have good pagerank for good SERP or whether pagerank is still important. We need to have a clear understanding of these two concepts whether we hire a company to optimize our website or we do it ourselves. Only when we know what pagerank and SERP position mean we will know what we are paying for when we hire [...]

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