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How to Measure Leads on Social Media

Leads are a catalyst to your business. Any customer who might be interested or conducts an inquiry about your product or service becomes a lead. Generating leads gives you access to the wealth of potential customers. It also assists you in retargeting efforts. Hear a faint ring of social media anywhere? Yes, you’re right. Social networking can be effectively used to create leads for your business. [...]

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How To Create Engaging Facebook Contests

Audience engagement on Facebook isn’t all that simple. Followers & fans are likely to get bored of similar content. One of the reasons for them to stay connected with brands on social networks is to bag special offers. Who wouldn’t love a bag of goodies?! Facebook Contests increase your fans and add on to your business. It engages the customer in a unique way and makes them feel special. They [...]

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LinkedIn Company Pages: Adding the Social Aspect to Your Business

Businesses, like any other field, involve people. Most often, it is your rapport with them that seals the deal, rather than your product or service alone. The world is fast moving towards a virtual social network that knits everyone closely. Enterprises and companies aren’t falling back. Customers prefer to stay in touch & follow their brands through social networks, while the companies use the [...]

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