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How to Post Live Blogs on Tumblr

The Internet has made real-time communication all the more interesting. No matter where you are, you can still connect with the world and tell them what you are doing. Blogs help you achieve this easily. Live blogging, a new trend, gets instant information. Though most people use them to keep a record of events, they are […]

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12 Guest Blogging Tips To Keep Your Readers Hooked On

There are a dozen guest blogging tips that help increase your marketing reach exponentially. Armed with the below mentioned tips, you will be able to effectively time and use your blogging skills to get the best results. Guest blogging would be filled with experiments from your side to borrow audiences and increase your reach. A helping hand, […]

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How to Improve the Local Search Results?

Generally, small businesses are locally based. So they need to just address the local audience, instead of jostling with big businesses on the national level. Small business will fare far better on the local searches for locality based keywords than the generic search terms which will expose them to tougher competition; pitting them with big companies that […]

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Is Local SEO Useful For Global Businesses?

Local SEO can be used effectively for a website of any size. • First of all, if your business has multiple locations, you need to have a separate landing page for each Google Plus listing, instead of directing customers to the main page. • The next step is to conduct thorough research to learn about […]

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